Monday, November 26, 2007

Driving Miss Condi

A Great Piece
By Franklin Lamb

"......Skilled at Curriculum Vitae enhancement, Miss Condi is not about to follow others over the rails of the sinking Bush ship. With a flurry of activity which both she and her colleagues know is pure fluff and photo op, she is hyping the moribund ‘Roadmap’ and planning a menu of Maryland Blue Crabs for the 49 invitees to the Annapolis ‘Middle East Peace Conference’ next week which any self respecting Arab would do well to avoid.....

....A Palestinian quisling signature on an understanding that will likely be offered on the Chesapeake Bay risks condemning a Palestinian “state” to a small portion of its territory. The Annapolis gathering is not being convened to benefit Palestinians. It is designed to give Israel a cover for taking more Palestinian land and cleansing more of the Arabs from the “the land of Israel”, by setting up Palestinian leaders for the ‘Israel has no peace partner’ hustle just as the Clinton, Dennis Ross, and Barak trio did to Arafat at Camp David in 2000.

The Annapolis get-together is designed for legacy-building for Bush and CV enhancement for Rice, as well as pressuring Iran, weakening Hamas, and shoring up Arab ‘leaders’ support for the US occupation of Iraq.......

Rice’s cold words during the July 2006 War are indelibly etched throughout Lebanon and the Middle East:

“We are witnessing the birth pangs of the New Middle East”, she trumpeted, as Israel targeted civilian convoys and killed the fleeing Canadian Hasan al-Akrass family of 15 from Montreal, 8 of them children, and bombed other families who took to the roads on Israeli orders near Marwahin on July 15, and yet another convoy of more than 3,000 fleeing refugees the UN got Israeli permission for on August 11 at Marjayoun, killing or wounding more than 40.

“We don’t want a ceasefire yet”, Rice told the United Nations Security Council in late July 2006 as Israel bombed families in a basement shelter at Qana, killing 28 civilians including 16 children and killed four UN Observers near Khiam and continued the relentless slaughter of more than 1,250 civilians, with 84.5% of Israel’s weapons coming from America according to the October 2007 Report of the General Accounting Office.

“Israel has a right to defend itself and we will wait for a sustainable ceasefire “, she told the World from her podium at the UN as more than $4 billon in destruction was inflicted on Lebanon’s infrastructure, factories, schools, agriculture, and more 15,400 homes......."

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