Sunday, November 25, 2007

PA-Israeli document liquidating RoR unveiled

An Important Story

"OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Hebrew Haaretz newspaper has unveiled in its late edition on Monday a "serious" PA-Israeli document that aims at liquidating the right of return of millions of Palestinian refugees to their homeland in the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands.

According to the paper, an Israeli group close to Israeli premier Ehud Olmert along with a Palestinian team associated with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas had negotiated the possibility of replacing the RoR with some economic projects that could cost 90 billion dollars.

The document, the paper added, was an initial semi-official attempt to dismantle the barrier of the RoR and to transform it into economic benefits that could help reaching practical solutions to the issue.

The paper also quoted Israeli deputy premier Haim Ramon as saying that the document was a work paper that both Israeli and Palestinian parties should study, and once PA-Israeli talks on the final status started, the document could help the negotiating teams of what is possible to do......

Furthermore, the paper disclosed that a number of international parties, including the World Bank and the EU among other parties had financed activities of the Israeli group in coordination with the Peres center for peace and the Data Institution in Bethlehem city.

A number of alternatives were suggested by the document to solve the refugees' issue, including naturalizing them in their host countries and improving their housing, transferring and naturalizing them in different countries, and sending them to the PA-controlled land that could be arranged with the Israelis through the "exchange of lands" process....."

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