Sunday, November 25, 2007

Posing For A Peace Snap:

The Photo Ops in Maryland Will Be Easy. Developing a Fix For Mideast Woes, a Little More Difficult

by Eric Margolis
The Toronto Sun

"....After creating disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Palestine, and fanning worldwide anger against America, President George Bush desperately needs a foreign policy success in the final year of his ill-starred term. So the same White House fib factory that produced such hit science fiction epics as Saddam’s Death Rays, Iran’s Nukes Menace the Globe and Muslim Terrorists Under Our Beds has been ordered to churn out the pre-Xmas fantasy Bush Brings Peace to the Holy Land.

A bunch of U.S. clients has been dragooned into reluctantly appearing as spear carriers. The cast includes Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, Palestinian semi-leader Mahmoud Abbas, and delegations from U.S. Arab allies......

Abbas can’t even control his own extreme factions that launch attacks on Israelis, never mind militant Hamas Islamists who lob rockets at Israel from that other open air prison, Gaza. Washington and Israel are trying to starve Hamas and Gaza into submission while building up the ineffectual, but obedient, Abbas, whom they engineered into power after PLO leader Yasser Arafat’s mysterious death.

America’s other Arab clients proclaim their support of Palestinian rights while secretly collaborating with Israel to thwart emergence of an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank. Hamas’ victory in free democratic elections in Gaza sent tremors of fear through the region’s U.S.-backed monarchies and dictatorships.

Palestinian Mini-State

The Bush administration’s goal is to get Olmert to agree to a feeble Palestinian mini-state made up of tiny cantons isolated by Israeli-only roads, led by U.S. and Israeli appointed yes-men who will keep their more volatile compatriots in line......."

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