Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Sick Joke: Khudari appeals to the Saudi monarch to help alleviate suffering of Gaza people

"GAZA, (PIC)-- MP Jamal Al-Khudari on Sunday appealed to the Saudi monarch King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz to increase assistance to the Palestinian people and to alleviate their suffering under the siege in the Gaza Strip.

The lawmaker asked king Abdullah to increase assistance to university students whose families could not pay their fees due to absence of work opportunities, and to help the workers and the health sector.

Khudari, in a message to the monarch, hoped that king Abdullah would double his efforts for the sake of breaking the "oppressive" siege on the Strip.

He also hoped that the king would allow renewal of residence permits of Palestinians working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but who could not return to that country due to the closure of all Gaza crossings for the pat seven months.

The MP relayed the "miserable" conditions of the people of Gaza due to the IOF tight siege including the death of almost 70 patients due to inability to travel abroad or receive proper treatment in addition to the unemployment of 150,000 laborers who were added to the long list of unemployed and the "disastrous destruction" of all aspects of the economy."

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