Sunday, January 13, 2008

A tactic categorized as a systematic method of slow death

Contributed by Lucia in Spain

"Friends of Humanity International publishes a report about the tragic conditions experienced by the Palestinian isolated prisoners.

Friends of Humanity International issued today Sunday a report* about the Palestinian prisoners withering in the solitary confinement at the Israeli occupation jails. Israel is described as seeking to disseminate its expertise in oppressing and torturing the Palestinian prisoners all over the world.

The Organization states that the occupational forces apply the isolation policy on a number of Palestinian prisoners with the aim to degrade them and turn them into sick and depressed individuals who are incapable of leading a normal life.

The report lists the names of thirteen Palestinian prisoners who are confirmed as totally isolated from the outer world for some years......

The authorities aim to undermine the spirits and will of the prisoners so that they become soulless bodies, and to spread such diseases among them that would weaken their physical strength and turn them into helpless and powerless individuals due to rheumatism and poor vision. Given the fact that some prisoners spend five or seven years in narrow and small rooms that do not enable their eyes to capture any distance beyond two meters, an isolated prisoner inevitably becomes vulnerable to severe vision problems."

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