Sunday, January 13, 2008

Video: Gaza parents not allowed to accompany ill children into Israel

"The parents of two young Gazans in need of urgent medical care to escort their children into Israel last week for treatment.

Despite many efforts to obtain a permit for own of Sausan al-Jaafri's parents or even a distant relative, the young girl had to travel to Wolfson Medical Center in Holon on her own.

Hospital staff and officials from the Save a Child's Heart project tried in vain to convince the authorities to grant the al-Jaafris permits, but since Israel labeled the Gaza Strip a hostile territory in September, Sausan's parents no longer meet the criteria for entry permits.

The two-year-old Mohammed also left for Israel without his parents, and only his elderly uncle was granted a permit to escort him. Mohammed needed emergency heart surgery, but his parents could not be there for him."

Why is the Pharaoh not opening the Rafah crossing to allow these very sick people to get treatment in Egypt or some other Arab country? Shame on all the Arabs and their trillions of oil dollars. All that wealth has not bought them dignity or respect of the people.

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