Monday, December 31, 2007

Israeli Intelligence: Hezbollah Stronger Than Before


"31/12/2007 An Israeli TV channel claims Hezbollah has deployed its forces again along the southern border of Lebanon despite the previous reports.

Several members of Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) including Silvan Shalom, Yuval Steinitz and Tzahi Hanegbi toured the northern border of the occupied Palestinian territory to witness 'the presence of Hezbollah there firsthand', Channel 1's evening news alleged on Sunday.

Shalom slammed the United Nations Interim Forces in South Lebanon (UNIFIL) and the Lebanese Armed Forces for allowing Hezbollah to deploy its forces in the region, the report added.

Meanwhile, a military official told the TV channel that Hezbollah has managed to increase its arsenal since the end of the Lebanon war.

After the end of the 33-day Israeli aggression against Lebanon, Israeli officials claimed that they managed to force the resistance group to withdraw its forces from southern Lebanon and destroyed 'about half of the group's military strength'. However, several probes launched into the performance of the Israeli military during the war indicated that the Zionist regime had suffered a crushing defeat. "

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