Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Emulating the Nazis

Palestinian mourners carry the body of Khalda Hamadan, the pilgrim murdered at Beit Hanoun crossing

Comment by Khalid Amayreh in occupied E. Jerusalem

"The current Israeli government seems to be living on staple diet consisting of murder, lying and theft. I am saying this because hardly a day passes without this wicked, racist regime indulging in these vices.

Two days ago, Israeli soldiers manning the Beit Hanun border- crossing, otherwise known as the Erez Checkpoint, at the northern edge of the Gaza Strip, opened fire on exhausted Palestinian pilgrims returning from Makka.

One woman was instantly killed, and five other pilgrims were injured, one seriously.

Following the incident, the Israeli army issued four concocted narratives of what happened. At first, the army spokesman said “The IDF has no knowledge of the incident, but we are investigating.”

Then two hours later, another spokesperson said “it was very likely that the woman was shot and killed by Palestinian, not Israeli, fire.”

The third narrative didn’t wait long as the Israeli army Radio, Galletsahal quoted a military spokesman as saying that “the Gazans were shot during an exchange of fire between our forces and Palestinian militants.”

Then, finally, toward the evening, the dosage of lies was culminated with a new narrative, claiming that the soldiers felt threatened and had to open fire at the Palestinian crowd.

In truth, there was no Palestinian shooting whatsoever, and no exchange of fire between Israeli and Palestinian troops took place in that area at that time, and, indeed, the soldiers who opened fire did not really feel threatened.......

The Palestinian victims of Israel’s murderous racism are dying unwept by a hypocritical and morally-depraved world that is overwhelmed by spin and political expediency.

Had the Ramallah man and the Gaza woman, whose children and grandchildren were awaiting her return just a few hundred meters away, been British or American citizens, an outcry would have been made and a serious investigation would have been ordered. However, it is obvious that these unprotected Palestinians are being viewed as children of a lesser God, whose lives count less and whose blood is too cheap…very much like the Jews of Europe were viewed by the Third Reich more than sixty years ago.

Yes, Israel may not be a Jewish Third Reich. However, the moral distance between 1938-Germany and 2007-Israel is definitely shorter, much shorter, than many people think."

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