Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Defining Israeli Zionist Racism: Part 1/12

by Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri
Dissident Voice

Contributed by Datta

"......We present a general dissection of Israeli Zionist racism with Kay (Barbara Kay, a columnist with the Canadian newspaper National Post) being only the instigative trigger behind this series. Accordingly, Kay is just a minute personification of Zionism that we can use as a model for our dissection. Therefore, to deconstruct Kay’s (and by extension all Zionist analysts’) statements — hence, tearing down her manipulative ideological edifice — we have to address first the eminent question whether racism, pointedly, Israeli Zionist racism, is materially applicable to the Palestinian issue. To this end, we will divide this series in two sections: 1) analysis of Israeli Zionist racism, and 2) the deconstruction of Kay’s statement.......

Facts about Israeli Zionist Racism
A) A historical view by Basel Ghattas

Writing for the Jerusalem Fund, Basel Ghattas, General Director of the Galilee Society (Haifa, Israel), gives the following account on the situation of the Palestinians (Christians and Muslims) who remained in the newly formed exclusivist Jewish state......

B) A Statement by the United Nations

Recently, the United Nations, an organization that reflects the hypocritical establishment of its founders and signatories, condemned Israeli discrimination against the Palestinians....."

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