Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nazareth protestors demand end to Gaza siege

Representatives of nearly all Arab factions and parties demonstrate in Nazareth for 'an end to siege on Gaza'. MK El-Sana: Israel cannot destroy Palestinian desire for freedom, independence

"Some 10,000 Israeli-Arabs took to the streets of Nazareth Saturday afternoon in a mass demonstration demanding an end to the “siege on the Gaza Strip”.

This mass protest, orchestrated by the Balad Party, the two factions of the Islamic movement, and the “Bnei Hakfar” Israeli-Arab movement, was comprised of representatives of virtually every Arab political party and social movement in Israel.

Also taking part in this demonstration were the three Balad MKs, as well as MKs Ibrahim Sarsur and Talab El-Sana of the United Arab List-Ta`al Party......."

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