Friday, January 4, 2008

Olmert says 'hand of God' favours Israel in peace talks

"JERUSALEM (AFP) - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the "hand of God" had helped create an international climate that is favourable to Israel in its peace negotiations with the Palestinians, according to an interview published on Friday.

"If there's a chance to reach an agreement in the presidential term of George Bush, that's preferable," Olmert said in an interview with the English-language Jerusalem Post published ahead of Bush's landmark visit to the region next week.

"It's not merely Bush's presidency. It's a concidence that is almost 'the hand of God:' that Bush is president of the United States, that Nicolas Sarkozy is the president of France, that Angela Merkel is the chancellor of Germany, that Gordon Brown is the prime minister of England and that the special envoy to the Middle East is Tony Blair."

"What possible combination could be more comfortable for the state of Israel? So why would I gamble on what might be?"......"


The "hand of God" = Jewish $$$$$$!

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