Friday, January 4, 2008

To invade or not to invade

Israel's policy of assassinations in lieu of re-occupation in Gaza is doomed

By Saleh Al-Naami
Al-Ahram Weekly

"Last Thursday at 8pm, in a home in an alley of the eastern quarter of the Al-Bureij Refugee Camp, a very human scene was taking place between a mother and her eldest son. The mother was trying with all her power to prevent her son, who is wanted by the occupation forces, from leaving the house. She had noticed pilotless reconnaissance planes flying in the area and was worried that harm would befall him. Yet her efforts were to no avail. Mohamed Abdullah Abu Murshid, 30, a military leader for the Islamic Jihad movement in central Gaza Strip, insisted on going out to join some of his colleagues on a visit to a comrade who was in hospital after an Israeli shelling.

Murshid and his three colleagues left his home for Shuhada's Al-Aqsa Hospital on the eastern edge of the nearby city of Deir Al-Balah. After their car had travelled two kilometres, one of the reconnaissance planes in the area fired two missiles at the vehicle, killing the four and injuring 10 bystanders, one of whom died from his injuries three days later. The car was turned into a pile of scrap metal. Not an hour passed before Israeli reconnaissance planes attacked another car transporting four others. This targeting of Islamic Jihad activists came two weeks after another assassination campaign in which 11 members of the military department of Islamic Jihad were killed, including Majed Al-Harazin, the leader of the movement's military wing, which calls itself Saraya Al-Quds......

Khaled Al-Butsh, a prominent leader in Islamic Jihad, holds that Israel will eventually realise its errors. He notes that Israel previously assassinated everyone it was able to among the leaders and cadres of the resistance movements, and the result was that the resistance grew, contrary to the hopes of Tel Aviv. In a statement to Al-Ahram Weekly, Al-Butsh stressed that Israel will "be surprised by the failure of its bet on intensifying assassination operations against Islamic Jihad". He noted that Israel previously assassinated the movement's founder and leader, Fathi Al-Shiqaqi, and that "this did not affect the movement other than by increasing its strength and well-being.""


A Comment by Tony Sayegh

This is the stupidity of the resistance about which I constantly complain. Members of the resistance are known by name and address. The mother had more sense than her son; she knew that the drones overhead were watching the house. The IOF knew that one of the comrades was wounded and in the hospital; so it was a question of watching the house and waiting for the visit to the hospital, to launch a missile and to kill four Islamic Jihad fighters.

A few months ago I posted the story of the Islamic Jihad commander (may be the one just killed) who was called by the Israelis on his cell phone! He confirmed to the Israeli caller that it was his number, and waited while a missile was launched which homed in on the phone signal! He survived that attack, miraculously.

Only about 2 weeks ago, Islamic Jihad finally told its fighters to turn off their cell phones and to remove the batteries! In addition they were told not to ride in cars! It took them that long! Worse, they did not listen to the order for long. A week or so later they started riding cars again; and in groups!


This is the kind of stupidity I am talking about. This is not guerrilla war; this is a bunch of untrained, undisciplined and not too bright "commanders" leading so many 20 year-olds to unnecessary death.

Why can't the Palestinians ever learn secrecy? Why the need to show off? One rocket is fired and four groups take credit! Did each make 1/4 of the rocket? This is becoming a farce. The Palestinians need to get serious about resistance if they want to resist. On the other hand, if this is all a show (as Arafat did) to get to the "negotiating" table, then no Palestinian should be willing to die for such a charade.

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