Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ah......Those Geniuses of Hamas Still Wondering About U.S. Motive.....Duh!

Hamas questions US motives behind $60m aid pledge to presidential security; Fayyad calls for $1.3 billion in PA aid

"The Hamas movement has criticized the United States Congress' decision to give financial aid to the Palestinian presidential security forces and cover expenses for other security purposes.

A spokesman of the movement issued a statement in which he said, "The US administration does not work for the good of the Palestinian people."

"It is always biased towards the Israelis and their colonialist plans, and that is why such aid to the presidential security bodies must have bad intentions."......

The US Congress authorized on Monday $60m in funds to improve the state of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's security staff, Reuters news agency reported.

The funds are expected to be spent on Abbas' presidential guard, security at border crossings and equipment.

"This has also been done with Israeli agreement and understanding," the US State Department official was quoted by Reuters as saying......

The Hamas spokesman added in his statement, "The presidency should explain its position in terms of this latest aid, which is a suspicious aid." He also said, "It aims to contain the resistance and service the Israeli army".

The statement confirmed, "If the US administration cares about the Palestinian people, they would have ended the siege, released the Palestinian money in the banks".

The spokesman also said that "the ministry of finance is the address that the money should be transferred to; sending the money to anywhere else is suspicious and raises a lot of questions."......"


HAMAS should be celebrating the "gift" of $60 millions to strengthen "Brother Abu Mazen." He is its partner in the "unity government" after all is said and done. HAMAS is just blowing smoke in our eyes to make us believe that their position is different from that of the Usraeli stooge. It is trying to have its cake and eat it too; this is an old and transparent game. This will lead to plummeting trust in HAMAS. If it is serious about having a different program from that of the stooge, then it will have to dissolve the PA and refuse to be a partner with a traitor.

Enough game playing, HAMAS!

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