Sunday, April 8, 2007

Military faction in Gaza says Abbas' comments are an insult to the Palestinian resistance

"Gaza - Ma'an - The An-Nasser Salah Ad-Din brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), have criticized the statements made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in which he criticized the launching of projectiles at Israeli communities inside Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The brigades said they consider such statements as an insult to the Palestinian resistance. In a statement issued on Sunday, the brigades said that the projectiles are a "normal and natural retaliation for the Israeli crimes."

The statement added that the projectiles are "part of the strategic arsenal to protect the fighters and to defend themselves."

According to a Reuters report, on Saturday Abbas called on members of his presidential guards and national security forces to step up efforts to prevent the firing of projectiles so "that our people can lead a safe life"."


It is very significant that HAMAS has not said a word about this declaration by the puppet Abbas. I take it that HAMAS is more concerned about its new, "moderate" image in the eyes of the West and in preserving "national unity" with "Brother Abu Mazen" than in preserving the right to resist. As it is, HAMAS has been meticulously observing a one-sided "cease fire" and for HAMAS resistance is a thing of the past. Now is the age of Ahmad Yousef with HAMAS "leaders" jetting around from capital to capital in three-piece suits with Palestinian flag pins on their lapels.

Celebrate the end of resistance, NOW!

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