Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hezbollah prepared to face another Israeli war


"11/04/2007 Hezbollah deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Kassem said that Washington is waging a covert war against Hezbollah which accuses the US administration of arming militias in Lebanon and seeking to undermine the Lebanese army in moves which could plunge the country back into civil war. In an interview with the Guardian, Sheikh Kassem said that US Vice President Dick Cheney has given orders for a covert war against Hezbollah...there is now an American program that is using Lebanon to further its goals in the region. The accusation follows reports in the US and British media that the CIA has been authorized to take covert action against the Hezbollah as part of wider strategy by the Bush administration to prevent what it terms as the spread of Iranian influence in the region. But Hezbollah accused the Lebanese government of arming groups across the country. "This happens with the knowledge of Fouad Saniora and is facilitated by the security forces under his command," said Sheikh Kassem. The Hezbollah deputy Secretary General accused Washington of foiling attempts by the Lebanese government and the opposition to reach a compromise to solve the ongoing political crisis in the country. "We think that if it wasn't for America's interference, we would have resolved the issue of participating in the government a long time ago," he said. "America is forcing the government forces to prolong this crisis, because they want a price for it... They want to tie Lebanon into negotiations that benefit Israel and their plan for a new Middle East." Sheikh Kassem said Hezbollah did not rule out another confrontation with Israel this summer: "We are prepared for the possibility of another adventure or the demand of American policy that might push the Israeli army in that direction.""

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