Friday, April 13, 2007

Iran Defends the Puppet Iraqi "Parliament"

Iran condemns 'inhuman and satanic' Iraq attack

"Iran has condemned the suicide bombing attack on the Iraq Parliment buliding that killed two MPs as inhuman and satanic, the official IRNA news agency has reported.

"This inhuman and satanic action was carried out by enemies who wish only bad for the Iraqi people and who targeted deputies whether they were Sunni or Shiite," said foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini.

Mr Hosseini called for unity among Iraqis and the withdrawal of the occupation forces, the agency said.

The suicide bomb attack in a cafeteria in the Iraqi Parliament in Baghdad's Green Zone killed eight people, including at least two MPs and wounded at least 20, an Iraqi official said.

It was a staggering breach of security at the country's most heavily guarded site.

The blast, which came hours after a suicide truck bomber targeted a Baghdad bridge killing 10 people, came despite a massive US-Iraqi security crackdown launched in the capital two months ago."

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