Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Palestinian faction leaders express their pessimism regarding the Arab summit

"Khan Younis - Ma'an - Many Palestinian faction leaders have said that the recent Arab summit, held in Saudi Arabia in March, failed to do anything for the Palestinian issue, and that the summit came upon an American wish and recommendation in order to reach some kind of harmony between the Arab moderate states and the US administration.

Various leaders also stressed the importance and necessity of studying the benefits of continuing the Palestinian Authority if the siege continues on the Palestinians.......

Nafiz Azzam from Islamic Jihad said that the Arab summit did not result in anything new and just repeated the Arab initiative, which was rejected by Israel. "Presenting again the initiative means that the Arabs have nothing to offer or anything new to present," he said.

He raised the issue of respecting the agreements and said that this point represented a change in Hamas' position. He added that he was not optimistic regarding a break through by this government in the international community. His pessimism was due to American policy, he said......

Sami Abu Zuhri from Hamas confirmed the importance of studying the benefits of preserving the Palestinian Authority if the siege continues to be carried out against the Palestinians......."

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