Sunday, April 8, 2007

Do You Trust This Scoundrel?

Cleric calls for Iraqis to end cooperation with the U.S., start attacking

"BAGHDAD — The renegade cleric Muqtada al-Sadr urged Iraqi forces to stop cooperating with the United States and told his guerrilla fighters to concentrate their attacks on American troops rather than Iraqis, according to a statement issued Sunday.

The statement, stamped with al-Sadr's official seal, was distributed in the Shiite holy city of Najaf on Sunday — a day before a large demonstration there, called for by al-Sadr, to mark the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad.

"You, the Iraqi army and police forces, don't walk alongside the occupiers, because they are your archenemy," the statement said. Its authenticity could not be verified......."

Iraq cleric says fight in Diwaniyah is 'trap' by US

"Iraq's radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Sunday urged his militiamen and security forces to end their three-day-long fight in Diwaniyah, saying it was a "trap" by US-led forces.

"He (Sadr) appeals to the Iraqi army and the Mahdi militia not to fall into America's trap by fighting in Diwaniyah," said a statement stamped and issued by the cleric's office in the holy city of Najaf.

US and Iraqi soldiers have clashed with Shiite militiamen, including from Sadr's Mahdi Army, in the central city of Diwaniyah since Friday......."

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