Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Look at This Clown!

Israel must withdraw for peace with 1 billion Muslims, King Abdullah II of Jordan tells AFP

"Bethlehem - Ma'an - Jordan's King Abdullah II urged Israel to end its occupation of Arab land to guarantee peaceful coexistence with the world's Muslims in an interview with Agence France Press (AFP) on Tuesday.

"Israel, the European states, and the United States should realize that the Palestinian issue does not only concern the Palestinians but also has the sympathy of all Muslims from Indonesia to the Maghreb states," he said.

"If Israel wants to coexist with more than 1 billion Muslims, it should end its occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands." ......"


Not ending the occupation was not an obstacle for his rotten majesty to establish and keep full relations with Israel and even become an ally and an enthusiastic supporter; these were the American instructions to their agent. The same instructions to the rest of the agents (including the Saudis) will be obeyed. All talk about "peace initiatives" and end of occupation is just a smokescreen.

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