Sunday, May 20, 2007

8 Gazan citizens killed, 7 of them members of Al-Hayyah family as the Israeli jets target the family's meeting hall

"Gaza – Ma'an – Eight Palestinians were killed including 7 members of Al-Hayyah family as a result of an Israeli air strike which targeted the family's meeting hall on Sunday evening. The raid came in an attempt to assassinate the Hamas leader, Khalil Al-Hayyah at Shuja'iyya neighborhood east of Gaza city.

Palestinian medical sources stated that 8 people were killed and more than ten were injured. The corpses of the victims arrived at the Ash-Shifa hospital in Gaza city torn in pieces.

The medical sources named the victims as: Nimir Isma'il Al-Hayyah 60, Bakir Al-Hayya, 26, Jihad Abdul Hamid Al-Hayyah, 17, Abdul Hamid Al-Hayya 35, Ala' Al-Hayya 22, Ibrahim Al-Hayya 23, Muhammad Khalid Al-Hayya 16 and Samih Farawna 27.

Ma'an's correspondent reported that the Israeli raid came minutes after the Hamas and Fatah movements agreed to end the state of tension. The agreement was read by Khalil Al-Hayyah representing Hamas and Majid Abu Shamala representing Fatah.

Sources in Hamas confirmed that Dr Khalil Al-Hayyah was safe.

The Israeli attack was conducted hours after the Israeli security cabinet decided to intensify military action against the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders in an attempt to halt the heightened launching of Palestinian home made projectiles from Gaza Strip towards Israeli targets.

For his part, the spokesperson of Hamas bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council PLC, Salah Bardaweel affirmed that the Israeli attempt to assassinate a Hamas political figure, who was elected by the Palestinian people is a very dangerous indicator. He affirmed that Hamas would not remain hand-cuffed.

Bardaweel told Ma'an that the Israeli conduct is a new kind of criminality aimed to end Hamas politically. The Israeli occupation tries to deliver a message that they will not recognize any political existence of Hamas, explained Salah Bardaweel.

Dr Khalil Al-Hayya is the former speaker of the Hamas bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council PLC, and member of the Hamas delegation in the political partnership, the Cairo dialogues and the Hamas-Fatah consultations."

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