Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Israeli jets bombard Gaza as Special Forces botch an arrest operation and soldiers complain targets are 'missing'

Contributed by Fatima

"Gaza - Ma'an - Reminiscent of the Lebanese war of 2006, the Israeli military have once again made a mockery of themselves in their latest offensive in the Gaza Strip. The Special Forces mistakenly arrested the wrong Palestinians, shelled buildings that were not real targets and now several Israeli officers have complained that operatives have "disappeared".

Some Israeli army officers have complained that targets for military strikes in the Gaza Strip are lacking. One officer said "the operatives have disappeared; we can't find anyone to shell."

Israeli security sources stated that the Israeli forces took all possible eventualities into account, but never considered that the operatives would go missing. As a result, said the sources, these so-called 'wanted' militants will not be killed any time soon.

The Israeli army admitted that some of the workshops and stores that were bombarded in Khan Younis were not real targets. A woman and her infant were injured in one of the shelling operations.

The Israeli sources also said "all the wanted political and field leaders of the factions disappeared, along with the [Hamas-affiliated] Executive Force members."


The Israeli military sources also lamented the fact that their targets had abandoned their mobile phones and disconnected even the batteries, so that the Israelis cannot pursue them.

The active members of Hamas left their homes and families, according to Israeli sources. They stopped seeing their associates and ceased contact with Fatah members, as they believe Fatah might inform Israel of their whereabouts.

Israeli political analysts have said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad activists are happy to hide, because they believe that Israel can only attack them from the air and would not dare to launch a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip......"

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