Wednesday, May 16, 2007

As Gaza Burns

Laila El-Haddad writing from Gaza City, occupied Palestine, Live from Palestine, 16 May 2007

"Things have been crazy in Gaza over the past two days. Very crazy. In between working and actually trying to keep our wits about us as we've been holed up indoors for two days no, I've had little time to blog.

Things are tenusouly calm at the moment with on-again-off-again gunfire, which is better than it was only a few hours ago. But things in Gaza have a way of cahnging very quickly-for better or for worse. Volatility is its defining characteristic......

The most troubling part is how this is unfolding with such purpose, and yet with so little protest. There is something far more sinister behind it all of course, namely, the US's unambiguous plot to undermine the Unity Government by arming, training, and "stregthening" Abbas, Dahlan, and their respectivfe security forces. The latest plan was uncovered in a Jordanian newspaper last week before being whisked off the presses.

I talk about this in a Guardian article I wrote today.

For now, we wait, and see what tommorow brings."

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