Monday, May 14, 2007

On hating the hateful

By Khalid Amayreh in East Jerusalem

"For several days now, the global Zionist media has been waging a vitriolic campaign of vilification against Palestinians for running a children's show on a private TV station in Gaza, which allegedly incites hatred of Israel.

One excited CNN correspondent in Jerusalem reported a few days ago that she was deeply disgusted by the show, called Tomorrow’s Pioneers, for glorifying the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli apartheid regime.

Normally, CNN and similar Zionist mouthpieces don’t bother giving context to stories that might prompt viewers to ask questions about why Israelis are hated by Palestinians and the bulk of the civilized world.

Well, does Israel really expect her Palestinian victims to love their tormentors and persecutors?

Israel, after all, stole their country, destroyed their homes, bulldozed their farms and obliterated their villages from time immemorial from the face of earth. Moreover, Israel ravaged their lives, murdered their children, bombed their schools, poisoned their water and savaged them in ways unseen since Hitler’s armies rampaged through Europe more than sixty years ago.

And at the top of all of this, Israel banished the bulk of the Palestinian people to the four corners of the globe where many of them are living the lives of dogs in squalid, filthy refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

It is really hard to believe that the Israelis are surprised to have found out that they are hated so much by Palestinians......

Moreover, are Jewish cultural and religious traditions rife with love for the enemies of the Jews? Does Judaism say “love thy enemy?"

Don’t Jews hate and curse Haman to his day during the Purim holiday?

In short, Zionist Jews are the last people on earth who are morally fit to lecture humanity, let alone the Palestinians, their enduring victims, on the virtues of love and the evils of hate.

After all, who more than Zionists embodies the evils of hate in our time? "

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