Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Old Testament god of Revenge and Annihilation Netanyahu calls for cutting water and electricity supplies to Gaza

"Bethlehem – Ma'an – Chairman of the Israeli Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Thursday called for cutting the water and electricity supplies of the Gaza Strip, and depriving it of services. He said that fundamental services, basics of human life, should be controlled by the Israeli authorities, in response to the continuation of the launching of homemade projectiles towards Israeli targets.

Netanyahu also expressed his support to a limited Israeli ground invasion into the Gaza Strip; to a limit of around four kilometers from the northern border, aimed at stopping the launch of projectiles toward Sderot and Ashkelon cities.

During a speech at the Menachem Begin heritage center in Jerusalem, before members of the Likud bloc in the Israeli Knesset, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the party's rise to power, Netanyahu declared "the Israeli government has done nothing to stop the launching of projectiles, while former Israeli Prime minister Menachem Begin realized back then that the government's first priority must be the safety of its citizens."

Last summer, during the Israeli offensive dubbed "Operation: Summer Rain", Gaza's only remaining power station was heavily bombed. Since then, residents of the Gaza Strip have only had limited power, at very limited times. Most residents spend the evenings in total darkness, while a lucky few have a few hours of electricity per night. International organisations at the time called the bombing an unaccpetable "use of collective punishment against Palestinian civilians", completely illegal under international law and the Geneva conventions. "

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