Monday, May 14, 2007

Opening speeches of Ilan Pappe and Uri Avnery on the debate 'Two States or One State'

"Last Tuesday, Gush Shalom hosted a public debate between Uri Avnery and Ilan Pappe on the subject "Two States or One State". The event took place in a Tel-Aviv hall and attracted much attention. The full text of the two-hour debate will be published as soon as possible.......

"....And in order for this dialogue to start and grow, let us admit that despite our important efforts, we here with our own forces cannot stop ever-escalating occupation. Because occupation proceeds from the same ideological infrastructure on which the 1948 ethnic cleansing was erected, because of which the army massacred the inhaibitants of Kufr Quassem, because of which the lands of the Galilee, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were confiscated, and in whose name there take place every day detentions and killings without trial. The most murderous manifestation of this ideology is now in the Territories. It should and must be stopped soonest. For that, no expedient which has not yet been tried should be rejected. The appeal of Palestinian civil society for imposing boycotts and sanctions should be heeded......" -- Ilan Pappe

"....We have never heard answers to the two decisive questions about the One State solution: how will it come about and how will it function in practice? But without clear answers to these questions, this is not a plan but a vision, at best......" -- Uri Avnery"

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