Monday, November 22, 2010

Adios 2 state solution

[This is a big F.U to all the Arabs and Obama and everyone else who wants a 2 state solution. Israeli public will NEVER ratify anything short of a completely lop sided agreement which Abu Mazen and the stupid Arabs are dying to sign. I wonder how long will Bashar now run for negotiations and ask Turkey to be a mediator , Israeli public will NEVER give up Golan even if Syria gets no access to water or will not be allowed to have any military presence within 1000 KM . Arabs will continue to Capitulate and demand less and less and Israel will continue to be defiant and REFUSE any agreement , now the Israeli government took it a step forward by relinquishing responsibility and putting their public (who is right wing , fascist and racist for the most part) in charge. A boycott of the entire state of Israel is the only solution , the Israeli flag should be considered a badge of shame and every Israeli traveling the world must hide where he/she is from because the world should despise them Not because they are jewish but because they are complicit in the occupation and land theft and the implementation of Apartheid in Occupied Palestine. As long as the Israeli public stays silent or indifferent the world must punish them by not supporting any company or product they produce.]

Israel's parliament, backed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has approved a law that requires a two-thirds Knesset majority or a referendum on any potential land-for-peace deal concluded with Arab neighbours.
The law, which was passed by a vote of 65 to 33 on Monday, calls for putting any treaty involving a withdrawal from Israeli-annexed land to a public vote, in the event that Israel's parliament has not approved the deal in question by a two-thirds majority.

It would cover any agreements involving a pullback from occupied land Israel has already annexed - East Jerusalem, or the Golan Heights captured from Syria.
Netanyahu, who is currently engaged in efforts to revive stalled peace negotiations with the Palestinians, praised the passage of the law.

"Any peace agreement demands a broad national agreement and this law provides this," a statement from his office said after the vote.

"The Israel public is involved, informed and responsible and I trust that on the day of decision they would back a peace agreement that answers the national interests, security needs of the state of Israel," he said, according to the statement. 

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