Thursday, November 25, 2010

From Habila's Personal Adviser and the "Foreign Ministry's" Spokesman: No Palestinian State without Gaza

By Ahmad Yousef - Gaza
Palestine Chronicle


Have a barf bag ready before reading this claptrap from the charlatan Ahmad Yousef.

"To accuse Hamas of marketing fundamentalism and extremism in the Gaza Strip is false and inaccurate. There is no "Talibanization" of the Gaza. Such a claim is based on Israeli propaganda and the deliberately distorted accounts of those in Gaza who are politically and ideologically opposed to the government of Ismail Haniya. It is true that some individuals in the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs have acted in an overzealous or misguided manner driven by their own concern to preserve what they see as the culture of the community but their actions were not done so on the basis of any governmental decision or a ministerial policy. In fact on a number of occasions the government directly intervened to reverse their misguided actions [when people said enough is enough!].

Palestinian society is inherently a conservative society [was never like this before Hamas' Talibanization], where the values that govern people's lives are mostly pure Islamic [Your definition of "pure"?]. The proper way to correct the kind of public behavior can be threaten those values should be addressed through the existing educational frameworks of the family and the mosque.

Unfortunately the combination of the Israeli misinformation campaign and to the misguided actions of a few overzealous individuals who see themselves as the guardians of public morality provides the Western media with the kind of stories that feed the common stereotypes they have of Islamists. Hamas is portrayed as being a fundamentalist and extremist movement that intends to launch an Islamic emirate in the Gaza Strip!......"

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