Friday, November 26, 2010

Arabs Thankful And Pathetic At Thanksgiving


"There is one type of immigrant in our community that we’re all familiar with. All of us have at least one in our family. It is the immigrant with the inferiority complex. They usually change their first name, and some pretend they forgot how to speak Arabic before they even learn English. Another distinguishing characteristic of this type of immigrant is the need to routinely express their patriotism. The constant bellowing of love for America and excessive flag-waving is patently insincere, but nevertheless, a necessary ritual that must constantly be performed in order to compensate for the minority status they carry around like an albatross. The best time of year to spot these individuals in our community is the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, two uniquely All-American holidays.

Ikhras readers will remember David “Go GOP” Ramadan from our previous posts about this buffoonish immigrant and hyper-patriot that specializes in parroting American clichés and regurgitating Republican slogans in Arabic........The despicable Lebanese-American who supported the destruction of his own childhood neighborhood of Southern Beirut by Israel back in 2006, wanted everyone to know how proud he was this American icon had opened its first Beirut showroom.......

David is the shameless self-promoter with very little knowledge of US government, politics, or society, and completely lacking any self-respect, but if you thought it’s only the shallow, political simpletons that engage in this self-demeaning behavior, you would be wrong. Arab-Americans far more capable than David, and able to engage at a much higher level discourse fall victim to the same inferiority complex. One of them is Foud Ajami, a self-hating Arab who is often found in the mainstream media repeating some of the worst stereotypes about Arabs and Muslims and attempting to provide a veil of academic legitimacy to bigotry and racism.

Ajami also figured out that July 4th and Thanksgiving is the best time of year to emphasize one’s “Americanism.” More articulate than David he wrote: “It was ultimately two celebrations of great simplicity that appealed to me: Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. They are both, to the core, celebrations of Americanism, great assimilative affirmations.” Like David, Ajami also mentioned the “troops” and engaged in his own more sophisticated, but no less disingenuous, form of American patriotism......"

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