Monday, November 22, 2010

Video with Transcript: Truth or bluff on US troop withdrawal

Press TV

"Another promise for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan at 2014 would be outlined at this year's NATO summit. But is this announcement for real or just another ploy to aid western agendas?

In this regard Press TV interviews the Historian and Investigative Journalist, Gareth Porter in Washington, from the NATO Parliamentary Assembly British MP, Frank Cook, in London and Senior Correspondent for IFN Security Watch from Pakistan, Navid Ahmad. The following is the transcript of the interview.....

Press TV: That maybe goes to the crux of the matter of the strategy, where it stands is to debate whether to talk to the Taliban or not and whether this idea of draw-down and the ultimate withdrawal, as it's being called, in 2014 - What does that indicate? Does that indicate that, yes, we've managed to get the Taliban to the table, they're not as strong and we can pressure them, or, is that really a sign that they've lost?

Porter: Well I have to believe that this 2014 deadline for withdrawal or the beginning of the withdrawal - it's not clear exactly what they're saying about 2014, is a massive bluff by the US. By that I mean I believe that the White House does not believe for a moment that it can afford to continue to have American troops in any large numbers for another four years. I believe that it simply is not going to happen and I believe that the US understands that it's going to have to negotiate with the Taliban sooner rather than later, certainly not wait until anywhere close to 2014. I believe they will begin negotiations next year and that this is part of a bluff to try to put them in a better position, they believe to negotiate a better deal with the Taliban....."

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