Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Israeli military court keeps West Bank protester in jail after end of sentence

Abdallah Abu Rahmah, who led protests against separation barrier, is held until prosecutors' appeal to extend his sentence

The Guardian

"The leader of village protests against Israel's separation barrier in the West Bank is being kept in prison despite having completed his sentence.

Abdallah Abu Rahmah, 39
, was due to be released last week after serving a 12-month sentence. However a military court has ordered him to be detained until an appeal by prosecutors to extend his sentence is heard. No date has been set for the appeal.

Gaby Lasky, Abu Rahmah's lawyer, said: "The decision to keep [him] detained even after his sentence has ended is a mockery of the very concept of justice, but comes as no surprise. The military prosecution and courts are a well oiled machine of politically motivated unfair legal process."...."

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