Sunday, November 21, 2010

"My hero, Abraham Sarfati" (As'ad Abu Khalil)

File photo of Abraham Serfaty sitting by the pool at Rabat's Hilton hotel October 2, 1999. REUTERS/Jean Blondin/Files

"The Arab world, and the international left, lost a great man this week. The Moroccan leftist dissident, Abraham Sarfati. This wonderful great person suffered unspeakable torture in the regime of Hasan II in Morocco. While the King was prostrating before successive Israeli leaders who helped him to stay in power, he was attacking Sarfati in his press, and even resorting to anti-Semitic language against him. Sarfati never wavered: in his stance against the cruel regime or in his firm opposition to Israel's existence. People don't even know the services that he had rendered to Palestinian armed struggle: the regime of Muhammad II knew about it, and punished him (on behalf of Israel) for it. He is a model Arab citizen: a model international leftist. Not a word about him in the international press."

R.I.P Abraham...

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