Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hezbollah member steps on ant , UN and Arab world sent into Frenzy

A senior member of Hezbollah stepped on a red ant in the southern Dahia of Beirut. Witnesses say the senior member of the party was walking on the sidewalk when he spotted a red ant and quickly ran and stepped on it with immense force , crushing it and spilling its guts on the street. The Ant is survived by his Wife and 23 children. No word yet on the sect of the Ant , but clearly it was not a Shia Ant. Shia Ants in Lebanon tend to be black , the Christian Ants tend to be red , however there are several species of Ants that look red under light that could be of other sects. What was a red ant doing in the Dahia of Beirut ? no one knows for sure. Nai'm Kassem a Hezbollah spokesman in a statement said the red ant was NOT assassinated or killed , but died of natural causes. The UN is investigating this new development and is sending a team of expert to interview the witnesses. The Arab world is also reacting to this crucial event , Syria and Saudi have sent delegation trying to ask the different Parties in Lebanon to not over react and exercise self constraint.
Killing Ants has been an Israeli specialty for decades so it is not too far fetched that Israel could be behind the killing the of the ant. The situation in Beirut is tense , people are worried about escalation and both red ants and black ants have decided to meet to show solidarity and unity. Iran has yet to comment about the ant incident. Today is a day of in Tehran due to the pollution but everyone is anxious about the Iranian reaction.

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