Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bardawil: One day Fayyad, Maleki will stand trial before people and history

"GAZA, (PIC)-- Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil, the spokesman of the Hamas-affiliated change and reform parliamentary bloc, has said that one day Salam Fayyad, premier of the illegal government in Ramallah, and his information minister Riyadh Al-Maleki would be tried before the people and history for betraying resistance.

He told PIC on Saturday evening that Fayyad's statements in which he denounced the Palestinian resistance's raid in Al-Khalil do not reflect the opinion of the Palestinian people, who are suffering daily at the hands of Zionist occupiers.

If Fayyad really belonged to this people then he would have denounced the IOF massacres in the Gaza Strip over the past period, Bardawil elaborated.

"Fayyad and Maleki and their likes have apparently lost their sense of humanity, which realizes by instinct the difference between Zionist terrorism and Palestinian resistance", the spokesman underlined.

He added that Maleki's description of Al-Khalil operation as "homicide" constituted an insult to the martyr, who launched the attack, and his family and his father, who is imprisoned in occupation jails, and his brothers, who have been arrested after the operation.

Meanwhile, the AMB, the armed wing of Fatah faction, has asked its members in the West Bank to liquidate Fayyad for his declared cooperation with Israeli security apparatuses.

The AMB, in a statement on Sunday, also advised interior minister Abdul Razak Al-Yeha, in the illegal government of Fayyad, to resign immediately so as not to be the second target of its fighters.

It called on PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to dissolve the "illegitimate government" of Fayyad because it crossed all red lines and announced before the entire world that it was an agent of the occupation."

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