Tuesday, February 5, 2008

America’s whoredom season

Comment by Khalid Amayreh in Occupied E. Jerusalem

".....In America, as some American intellectuals have come to realize, Israel is not only innocent until proven guilty, as the rest of humanity is treated. Israel is actually innocent, super-innocent, even if proven guilty a thousand times, as undoubtedly it has been. This benevolent innocence is not a variable; it is an absolute, immutable constant, irrespective of how many thousands of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese civilians Israel murders, how many houses Israel destroys, and how many nefarious crimes Israel commits.

Israel is after all God’s nation and the apple of the Lord’s eye, and as such is incapable of being guilty or even mistaken as the late American evangelical leader Jerry Falwell claimed.

Now is the election season, or, more correctly, the season of political prostitution and moral whoredom, in the United States. In this marketplace of wanton hucksterism, Israel is the ultimate holy cow, the sacrosanct mantra whose invocation justifies the unjustifiable, even the unthinkable.

Maybe many Americans will wonder why a Palestinian living 12000 kilometers away would speak so harshly of their marvelous quadrennial carnival of democracy. Well, in a certain sense I don’t blame them. They are a people whose fanatically ignorant president invaded, occupied and destroyed two sovereign nations, and killed or caused the death of over a million innocent people because “God told him to do it.”.....

It is political suicide to even invoke the very humanity of the Palestinians because Israel’s enemies, or more correctly victims, can’t be really human, at least humans whose humanity is equal or comparable to the humanity of the chosen race!!

In this conspicuously intimidating atmosphere, even a passing allusion to international law and human rights, as guiding considerations for the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, would be sufficient to bring about the political decapitation of any presidential hopeful who dares to even slightly differ with the powerful Zionist cult now enslaving American politics, media and public discourse......"

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