Friday, February 8, 2008

Shame on The Gate Keepers For Zion: Bahraini MP: Egypt is barring us from leaving the Gaza Strip

"Gaza, (PIC)-- Sheikh Naser al-Fadalah, Head of the Committee for Supporting Palestinian people in the Bahraini parliament, expressed astonishment at the Egyptian step of barring him and the delegation visiting the Gaza Strip from leaving the Strip.

Al-Fadalah told the PIC correspondent on Thursday that the Egyptian security stationed at the Rafah crossing stopped him and the rest of the Bahraini delegation from crossing the border into Egypt through which they traveled to Gaza to bring in humanitarian aid and to see the situation for themselves. He also said that the delegation have been trying to cross the border for the past three days and that the Bahraini Foreign Ministry and the PA government and the PLC in Gaza were exerting intensive efforts to facilitate the crossing of the delegation.

Al-Fdalah also said that on Thursday they waited for six hours at the crossing, during which they made contacts with Egyptian officials who told them they don't have orders to allow them to cross, and that they were only allowing Egyptians who went into the Gaza Strip to leave it. He also said that they were in contact with the Bahraini Foreign Ministry which contacted the Egyptian authorities to allow the delegation out of the Gaza Strip after they have ended their humanitarian mission but so far all efforts have failed.

He said if he and the rest of the delegation were having this problem despite their diplomatic immunity, then one can imagine how it is for Palestinians of Gaza; students waiting to join their universities, patients waiting to be allowed out to seek medical treatment abroad and employees who are working abroad and who cannot return to their jobs.

He called upon Arab leaders to shoulder their responsibilities towards the Palestinians and to support their steadfastness. At the same time he praised the steadfastness of the people of Gaza despite all the hardships caused by the Zio-American siege imposed on the Strip."

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