Friday, February 8, 2008

For the record

By Imad Khadduri

"Juan Cole wrote on February 8, 2008:

"Iraqi scientist Saad Tawfiq, the closest thing the CIA had to a horse's mouth, warned the US before the war that Saddam had closed all of his WMD programs by 1995. He was blown off and ignored. It may be that the CIA analysts most willing to listen to him were marginalized and even fired by the pro-war faction around VP Dick Cheney.

Other Iraqi scientists, such as Imad Khadduri, also tried to tell the world that Iraq had no nuclear weapons program. I cited this article at my blog before the war in Feb. 2003 at a time when the corporate media were parroting Bush's fantastic and false allegations.

Someone should do a study of how many times the corporate media brought Khidir Hamza, a Chalabi plant, on evening news programs in 2002 and early 2003, and look into exactly who kept booking him and who kept pushing him on the producers and why Tawfiq's and Khadduri's stories were buried. Hamza was a computer scientist who had something to do with the nuclear program for like six months in 1989 and had no way of knowing anything later than that, but he got all our media face time. The US media system is corrupt, and it is harming and sometimes even killing us

For the record, and to elucidate and correct Cole's comments, I have written and posted the following concerning the above.

On Hamza:

''Saddam's bombmaker' is full of lies'' November 27, 2002

''Khidhir Hamza: The bogus intelligence source'' September 29, 2003

On the "intelligence" of the the American Intelligence and the US corporate media system:

But, but .. "It's just a -- it's unnatural" July 04, 2005

The "we did not know" lie January 03, 2006

An Arabic saying: “the rope of lying is short but enough to hang oneself""

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