Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Injecting 'Terror' into Campaign 2008

By Robert Parry
February 6, 2008

"The Bush administration is warning about an impending al-Qaeda terror attack, this one using Americans and other Westerners to blend in with U.S. society. The new alarm -- at a key moment in Campaign 2008 -- puts Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the spot....

This revived specter of a worsening U.S. vulnerability to a major terrorist attack will surely hover over the congressional debate on reining in Bush’s assertion of unlimited presidential authority, but it may well spook the presidential campaign, too.

On the Republican side, as frontrunner John McCain begins to position himself for the November general election, the terror fear should help him since he has embraced Bush’s Iraq War even if the U.S. occupation of Iraq lasts 100 years or more. The Arizona senator also has vowed to wage an open-ended war against Islamic militants, calling it the key “ideological struggle” of this era...."

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