Thursday, February 7, 2008

Israel's Palestinian Hire-A-Cop Protecting Israel

Israel's Palestinian Hire-A-Cop

PA: We foiled 2 attacks on Israel

"The Palestinian Authority foiled two terror attacks on Israel in recent days, a senior Palestinian security official told Ynet Thursday evening. According to the official, PA security forces in Ramallah uncovered an Islamic Jihad car bomb meant to explode inside Israel.

In an unrelated development, PA security forces detained a Fatah operative who was planning to carry out a suicide bombing in Israel on behalf of the al-Aqsa Brigades, the official said.

The Palestinian security official refused to reveal the intended targets of the would-be bombings. He added that the Palestinian Authority relayed the information regarding the foiled attacks to Israeli authorities.

The Palestinian source added that in both cases the PA detained the suspects and that the investigation into the planned attacks continues. Turning his attention to IDF raids in Ramallah in recent days, the official refused to say whether they were related to the two thwarted attacks.....

Tuesday night, IDF troops raided a Ramallah refugee camp, searched homes, and arrested some suspects.

"The Israelis told us to stay in our headquarters and refrain from coming out because they are engaged in security operations," the Palestinian source said. "They did not say whether this activity was related to the planned attacks we uncovered."

Meanwhile, a senior figure in the al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad's military wing, denied in a talk with Ynet that a car bomb beloning to his organization was seized by the PA.

"No car of ours was seized in Ramallah," he said. "PA security apparatuses are apparently trying to curry favor with Israel." The Jihad member stressed that his comments did not mean that the group is not working to carry out attacks within Israel.

"Israel's crimes deserve a response, and it will come in the right time and place for us," he said."

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