Friday, February 8, 2008

PRC: Israeli Settlers Should Evacuate Sderot


"08/02/2008 The Popular Resistance Committees called on the Israeli settlers residents in the southern occupied territories to evacuate their families from the line of fire on Friday afternoon. In all at least 22 Qassam rockets have been launched towards the occupied territories from northern Gaza on Friday. Abu Mujihad, a spokesman for the Salah al-Din Brigades (the military wing of the PRC) claimed responsibility for the barrages and said the attacks were in retaliation for the killing of one of the organization's senior commanders, Abu al-Sa'ad.

A senior PRC official, Abu Abir, warned the attacks would only increase and urged the evacuation of Sderot and its neighboring communities. "What was up until now is nothing compared to what will be. We call on them (the Israelis) to evacuate for their safety and the safety of their children," he said.

Two of the rockets launched on Friday landed in Netiv Haasara and damaged several greenhouses. Another rocket landed in Ashkelon's industrial zone. The rest landed in open areas in the western Negev and north of Sderot. No injuries were reported in any of the attacks."

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