Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hamas: Any foreign troops in Gaza will be dealt with as an occupation power

"GAZA, (PIC)-- The Hamas Movement on Wednesday categorically rejected the deployment of international troops in the Gaza Strip as proposed by the Hebrew state.

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri underlined that his Movement and the entire Palestinian people reject this proposal, adding that the people would deal with any such force as an occupation power.

The spokesman was commenting on Hebrew daily Ma'ariv that published what it said was an Israeli plan to instigate riots in or to invade the Gaza Strip to prepare the atmosphere for the deployment of an international force in Gaza.

He said that such a plan revealed that perpetrators of the recent spate of explosions in Gaza were linked to occupation with the aim to enable PA chief Mahmoud Abbas or the IOA to return to Gaza.

Abu Zuhri stressed that all such attempts would not succeed simply because Hamas did not impose itself but rather came to power through the ballot box.

The Israeli threats to assassinate Hamas leaders would not terrorize those leaders, he furthermore said, adding that the IOA should realize that it would pay dearly if it embarked on such "foolishness"."

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