Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gaza: Apocalypse now!

By: Dr. Saeb Shaath

Contributed by Lucia in Spain

"Long before our Great Samson and teasing Delilah, Gaza lived for millenniums in which it played a major role in shaping the ancient world fate. The living ancient cities of the world are very few, Gaza has been described as one of the world's oldest living cities, the name Gaza means “strength and prevalence”, many Layers of civilisation lie beneath its busy streets. To uncover part of the ancient history of Gaza visit the Israel Museum, or the private collections of the IDF generals they have Gaza’s history on display in their villas. When we ride “Salh el Deen”- Saladin road, which connect Gaza’s cities towns and villages ; we are riding a road had been ridden before us by the greatest leaders, generals, Assyrian, Persian, prophets , Pharaohs, Alexander the Great, the Crusaders, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Turks, the British, even American presidents and chiefs of the CIA. Gaza held to be of major strategic importance; the only overland route between Africa and Asia, which led predynastic Egypt to establish in 3500 B.C. the citadel of “Tell Sakan” on the banks of the Wadi Ghazzeh, from Gaza “Tell al Ajjul” In the second millennia BC, the Hyksos people marched southward and captured the Great Egyptian Empire, about 1650 BC. We discovered how rich and sophisticated Gazan’s way of life has been pre-historic times. Gaza’s exports in the 5th century A.D _Byzantine empire era, reached as far as England, Ireland and Geneva, Gaza’s Schools graduated leading theologians such as Barsanuphius, John of Gaza and Mark the Deacon, whose writings profoundly influenced Christianity at its very early stages. Gaza is still with us on planet earth and tells us, armies have come and armies have gone and ancient Gaza has endured and risen repeatedly. Villains failed to send it in orbit to mar or sink it in the Mediterranean Sea; there is a lesson to be learned....

Don’t we campaign for animal’s protection, and demand not to be subjected for scientific labs experiments, don’t we argue with the Japanese over whaling, we passed laws against foxhunting? Why then ignoring what is happening to millions of refugees from Palestine? They are under attack on daily bases, for demanding the Implantations of the UN resolutions that definitely granted them the right to return to their homes, the irony here is that, the same resolutions gave birth to the State of Israel! What would we do if someone kicks us out of our home and told us that God gave it to them? What would you do? How would you deal with that?....."

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