Sunday, February 3, 2008

PA security men escort rabbis to alleged Joseph Tomb in Nablus

Contributed by Anonymous

"NABLUS, (PIC)-- The PA security apparatuses unexpectedly provided tight protection late Saturday night for the head of the Israeli board of settlements in Nablus and the rabbi of France and escorted them to the alleged Joseph's Tomb in the Nablus city, according to the seventh Israeli TV channel close to Zionist extremists.

Israeli settlers vacated the alleged tomb at the beginning of the second intifada as a result of Palestinian resistance attacks on the site, which was used as military post by the IOF troops, and since then the settlers have not been able to visit the location except in the era of Salam Fayyad's unconstitutional government.

Many historians and researchers have opined that this site is not Joseph's Tomb as claimed by the Zionists, but it belongs to one of the righteous Muslims and dates back 200 years ago.

Israeli politician Tommy Lipid admitted in a TV interview with the Israeli first channel that this site is Islamic, denying Israeli allegations that it is a sacred Jewish site."

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